How Can You Improve Your Creativity?

Wikipedia writes this about Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Unlike many of you, I have never pursued creativity through writing fiction.

Other than off and on journaling, I do find myself getting “creative” while regurgitating research for various affiliate website posts, though.

Notwithstanding I am quite creative when it comes to things like cabinet making, carpentry, avoiding displeasure, interior and exterior design, and more.

Not to mention using words that I don’t have a clue what they mean — i.e. notwithstanding or even i.e.?

For years now I am blown away with things I know, know about, and know how to do:

That I have absolutely no explanation for how I know these things.

No possible explanation?

Most everyone who knows me, knows that I will rush headlong into something I “know nothing about”.

What they don’t know is that I depend completely on “something” to bring the needed knowledge to me.

I read the following paragraph this morning for at least the 6th time ( but “got it” this morning, and wondered if you can relate:

“You must find and maintain a close communion with your true center. Your creative power is not an act of the will. It is rather an act of your willingness to believe. And you are believing in something greater than your objective self, something beyond the collective thought of the world. Your creative power comes from the originating Spirit Itself, which knows no limit, is conditioned by no circumstance and governed by no law outside Itself.”


So this is what I believe about that paragraph

Whether you’re writing a novel, an affiliate review page, building a set of stairs or mantles all day, you’re going to need to find your true center!

And if your true center is yourself:

You can build no further than your own knowledge?

That’s what I do when I research and write. I use my own knowledge.

And my knowledge doesn’t go much further than information provided on a web page, in a book, or accumulated within my brain.

That’s not enough to go very far into the creative world.

I need communion with my “true center”

Being a pretty radical Christian, I rely on the Holy Spirit to bring me everything I need to function in this world. And the next, now that I think about it.

Maybe you rely on another spirit, I have no idea?

Maybe you call that a muse?

I have no idea what you’re depending on to bring you something you don’t have, but:

I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you want to:

  • Get more out of life
  • Have more than you have
  • Create something you can’t build from your own knowledge

You need to go ahead and make a connection to something greater than your objective self.

But that’s not enough to get you very far

I believed there was a God long before I believed this God could or would go out of His way to help me:

Do anything whatsoever.

I had to go way out on a limb, and make a connection to something I couldn’t see!

And a very dangerous place it was indeed

What if I let you know I was trying to make a connection to this thing the “religious” people were talking about?

What if you knew I was flirting with the idea of being “one of them”?

What was I going to do with all of the condemning remarks I had made about “those people”?

What if I started identifying myself with “church people” :


  • There were no results?
  • Nothing happened?
  • Nothing changed?
  • What if I kept on doing the same things and getting the same results?

And that’s exactly what happened to me!

Until I went all the way to the end of the limb.

I continue to see people looking for and trying to commune with that “True Center” just like I did for far too long.

I decided I would go ahead and start talking about God, and talking to God, and depending on God to “give me a little help”.

A little help I knew I desperately needed!

But I wasn’t willing to give it all up


I wasn’t willing to say right out loud “Jesus is the Lord of my life”.

I was now referring to God as “The Spirit”.

And even though I was referring to myself:

In certain circles

That I thought would be advantageous to my life

As a “Christian”

I was determined to walk this walk ( whatever that walk was)

Without the use of the Bible!

So I was wanting all the perks I could get from God without giving up to the idea that I was giving up anything!

What I got from that experience was pretty much the same as I see other people getting:

Who are pretty much going about the God thing the same way I was.


Other than giving myself the ok to think I was “spiritual”.

And as it turns out, I was “spiritual”. I was just hanging out with the wrong spirti!

How I Improved My Creativity

I gave up!

I gave up all of my old ideas about God, Jesus, and the Bible.

I stopped being afraid of the idea that I would become “one of those”.

I decided to be one of the BRIDE that God sent His Son for.

Did Jesus Change Who I Am?

To tell you the truth I hear about people joining up, getting changed, and everythings different in a flash.

Never worked or works that way for me?

What I find is that the Lord of my life, Jesus, who is my true center, whom I am not ashamed to call by name, and whom I maintain constant contact with:

Is more than faithful and loyal to send me all I need to do whatever I choose to do — that will in anyway benefit His Kingdom, which I am a part of.

When I need to do something, know something, or know about something that I have no idea about — I know and expect and fully depend on Jesus to step right up to the plate and fill me in!

Am I and my circumstances different?

Of course!

So if you want to create a new life or a new book,

I highly recommend that you stop fooling around and start calling on Jesus!

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  1. Your story is so encouraging! It’s so good to keep in mind that our creativity is a gift from our Lord and that he will help us use it wisely if we let him. Your staircases are awseome! Thanks for sharing them!

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