Against The World

mike mahaffey against the world

  The meditation did it’s job, I think. As I seemed to be descending into the abyss of calm, I suddenly was overcome with the knowledge that I have lived a life of “against”. I no longer have any desire at all to be against my late father or mother, but I do feel that … Read more

It Snows In Mississippi, Sometimes

It snows in Mississippi sometimes

  It doesn’t snow that often in Mississippi.  But the grocery store is the best place to find out it’s coming, because all of the milk and bread suddenly disappears. All I knew was that the wind coming across the Kroger parking lot would bite at you. Like a fiest dog biting the calves of your … Read more

The Most Beautiful Brown Eyes

brown eyes

The mornings have always been the best time of the day for me.   Something about the freshness, the sharpness of the light before the daily confusion gets into full swing. At the time, the only thing I really liked more than the mornings was being stoned in the mornings. Seemed like the world and … Read more