It’s Been Such A Long Ride Without You

Some things are just different now, you know? When I knew you before,  I was sure I could not live without you loving me. I swear I believed that from the absolute very first moment I saw you!   I knew at that very moment that I would do anything whatsoever to make a way … Read more

The Insanity of My Hidden Self

  There came a moment in my life when I could hear the insanity of what was going on in my head.  In real life the conversations would be absurd to say the least, insane to tell the truth. I was getting even with someone, making excuses for my actions, my behavior, and telling people … Read more

All I Ever Really Wanted To Be Was A Writer

  I want to write!  But I’m not sure how to be a writer?   I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I care to remember. It could’ve started when I was a child and my mother was young, or maybe it came with me?  I don’t know. Maybe it did come … Read more