Changing Habits Starts With Hearing What You’re Hearing

No matter where you are in life, or even how old you are, I can’t imagine a reason you shouldn’t try to make tomorrow a better life than today.  I can’t imagine that you would be satisfied with where you are-with no need for improvement? I want to explore and share how I am making … Read more

It’s Been Such A Long Ride Without You

Some things are just different now, you know? When I knew you before,  I was sure I could not live without you loving me. I swear I believed that from the absolute very first moment I saw you!   I knew at that very moment that I would do anything whatsoever to make a way … Read more

Against The World

mike mahaffey against the world

  The meditation did it’s job, I think. As I seemed to be descending into the abyss of calm, I suddenly was overcome with the knowledge that I have lived a life of “against”. I no longer have any desire at all to be against my late father or mother, but I do feel that … Read more