I Hid Myself, Because I Was Afraid, Insecure, and Real Angry

I had a hard time believing that I could truly have something I desired. It was a useless endeavor to have dreams,  to set goals.   Nothing good seemed to come to me, and when I took something good, it left.   I lived in a dark and gruesome vacuum. I was angry and alone.  … Read more

Life Goes On With Or Without Jesus

It took me a life time to find Jesus. That’s probably because it took me a lifetime to start looking. I spent a lot of years looking around in churches trying to figure out what the other people were doing there?  A lot of years before I started looking for Jesus. According to a family … Read more

Who Is Jesus Anyway?

I was baptized for the first time in Jackson, Ms. maybe in 1968.  Probably in 1968.   I wasn’t entirely unfamiliar with church. I expect that I had been in one at least a dozen times.  Fact is that I had been to the Church of The Nazarene a couple of times with my girl … Read more