The Immutable Law of Cause and Effect That is Running Your Life

A man an son planting this years vegetable garden

Planning and planting for the harvest of your life There is an indisputable law in effect since the beginning of time that operates with or without your recognizing it’s power over your own life and circumstances.  The law of cause and effect operates non stop whether you use it to your own advantage—or not. The … Read more

Free Advice Ain’t No Advice

Free Advice

 What I would like to do this morning is to write.  That’s what I sat down here to do; with both hands—type with both hands. I can only write with one hand at the time, but for me typing with one hand is seriously limiting. I could type with both hands if it weren’t for … Read more

How Can You Improve Your Creativity?

Wikipedia writes this about Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Unlike many of you, I have never pursued creativity through writing fiction. Other than off and on journaling, I do find myself getting “creative” while regurgitating research for various affiliate website posts, though. Notwithstanding … Read more