Free Advice Ain’t No Advice

 What I would like to do this morning is to write.  That’s what I sat down here to do; with both hands—type with both hands. I can only write with one hand at the time, but for me typing with one hand is seriously limiting.

I could type with both hands if it weren’t for these boiled peanuts in front of me. I like ’em anytime, anyplace!

I’m so easy to lose my place in life, that when I got up to get a fresh cup of coffee (I have never once in my life referred to coffee as Joe or Java, or anything other than coffee-so don’t expect it now) and noticed the peanuts, I brought a bowl back to the desk.

These are giant peanuts, so I didn’t have the will power to pass ’em by. I mean what could be better than writing, drinking coffee, and eating boiled peanuts; all at the same time?

Peanuts that weren’t dripping juice out of the shell when I open them?

I’m telling you it’s a mess! If I were actually writing with a pen and pad, you wouldn’t even be able to read it, because of the water stained paper and smudged handwriting.

That’s why my best advice for anyone eating boiled peanuts and writing about them on a keyboard simultaneously is to stop doing that.

In fact as soon as I realized that I would advise against such an act of foolishness, I stopped what I was doing, finished up my peanuts, and cleaned my hands up with a paper towel.

That brings me right up to what I wanted to talk about when I sat down here, which is—free advice.

I’ve lived a fair amount of living and seen and experienced more than almost anyone I personally know, so I naturally just accumulated a lot of living and doing information along the way.

Granted, most of it’s pretty useless information, but some of what I’ve learned from living could ;make some great free personal advice. I’m sure some of could help people out on their own journey.

Some of it’s real small advice, like if you take boiled peanuts to the computer, you won’t be able to stop eating them even when you see juice running off your hands onto the keyboard. Just leave them alone until you’re through at the computer.

That’s real good advice from my personal life, and you can see from my own knowledge why you shouldn’t eat boiled peanuts and type.  It’s too messy!

Free Relationship Advice

Some of the helpful information I have for people is larger than that, though.  Things like don’t be getting married just because you scared no body wants you is great free relationship help, right?

See, that there is real good  I learned from the doing.  So I would counsel against that because it can make some real big messes in relationships and a lot of lives.

Who’s Listening to Advice?

You see, both of those are good instruction for most anybody, but do you think anyone is listening? No, they’re not!

Well, the fact is they may be listening and nodding yes while you’re explaining the facts to them.  However, it’s not likely to help them at all? In fact, they’re probably looking for love relationship advice on their phone while you’re talking to them.

I’ve found that free love advice for women will rarely do anybody any good. In fact relationship advice for men is likely to have even less effect. Even the best dear Abby columns are useless unless a person actually ask questions to get advice. 

Because it’s free advice!

I bet you if you knew how many people have been on the planet up to now, you would know how many people already offered free advice to somebody. There’s so many free suggestions floating around that people simply aren’t paying attention to any of it!

Over the last few years, I have spent a fair amount of time thinking this situation over, and want to share just a couple more thought with you on the subject.

Do you know who’s advice people will follow? I do, because I thought about it a lot, and I also did personal research on the matter.

Paid advisers are running this world!

That’s right! Paid advisers! If people aren’t paying, they aren’t listening! And the payment I speaking of is cash money!

It’s sad because if it’s good advice, they’re going to pay, no matter who it comes from.  They’re either going to pay money and follow directions, or they’re  going to pay with messes in their life.  Either way pay is due.

I’ve been an opinionated free adviser all of my adult days, I do believe. I’ve come straight out with it and I’ve sorta sugar coated that I was teaching—so it would be easier to swallow. I’ve tried to be helpful on just about any subject you can name, but if anybody WAS listening—they just got mad about me being a ‘know it all”.

I even asked my own daughter once how come she didn’t ever just come straight up to me and ask me for advice or knowledge on any one subject? Guess what she said back. You can’t! You wouldn’t guess in a million years, so I’ll tell you:

“I can’t ask you because you never shut up sharing knowledge long enough for anybody to ask a question.”  My own daughter told me that?

Well, to tell you the truth, that didn’t even make sense to me, being the “helping hand” I was at the time; Long before I realized that nobody cared about me helping them out.

But like I said before, I been around a pretty good bit, so I finally saw the truth of the matter: Don’t nobody wanna hear it, because it’s just free advice.

Listen, I’m gonna tell you how true that is for everybody, including myself.

People are always sending me whole courses in the email. Courses about just about anything you can dream up. Know what I do with them?

I download a zillion ebooks a year, make file systems in Gmail to separate each one so I don’t forget them. 

Then I forget those and start paying attention to somebody else giving out information for free.  Over and over and over.

Then when I really want to know how to do something, like make a Kindle book, or write a real good post, or how to boil peanuts, I start searching the internet for it.

Since I really do need some help and knowledge on this subject now, I pay some person some rather outrageous sum for some “hoot” of a course.

Know what I do some months later?

I see their name in my Gmail file, or maybe my ebook download file, and I say that’s the Guru I’m paying to teach me “xyz”. Let’s see what the’re doing here in my files?

I look in their file, and see almost every thing I’m paying for now? I mean — they was already sending me free information that I needed! 

Did I really make use of it? Well, the answer to that is no! It wasn’t any good to me!

Why wasn’t the free info good for me? Because who would give out real authentic and useful information for free? I didn’t think it was authentic and helpful without paying for it.  I could store it, but could it really be that important?

But as soon as I started making monthly payments on the same advice, I’m rushing to them everyday.  I’m making life better for myself with this paid advice, and bragging to other people how this paid course is teaching me all I need?

You get what I’m saying here? I’m saying stop eating boiled peanuts while typing on the keypad is free; it’s good advice, but it won’t do you any good.  Not if you like peanuts as much as me?  You going to have to pay it you want it to be really useful information.  

You wanna know how to lose weight I can tell you free, I can tell you how to lower your blood pressure without medication. I can tell you how to stop anxiety FREE at , and that’s all good online advice.   

You know what’s bad about that? No matter how much I want to change the world all to be just like me: They won’t change as long as the advise I have for them is free!


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