Cruising Kroger

Mike Mahaffey Cruising Kroger

Six years without a drink of alcohol, or drugs, even prescribed drugs, but that changed when Alena left. Maybe a month, 6 weeks after she left I couldn’t find a reason not too? “Smoke some pot, get high, feel good, forget her.” That’s what I told myself. I seemed to be the only person not … Read more

I Had Nothing To Defend

Time seemed to stand still when I was with Mary.  I had quit jobs, taken jobs.  There had been seasons.  There had been moves.  There had been life, and the life was larger than the time.  All consuming. We had cooked Chicken Tetrazenni, we had been to Memphis in May, we had slept together.  We … Read more

I Hid Myself, Because I Was Afraid, Insecure, and Real Angry

I had a hard time believing that I could truly have something I desired. It was a useless endeavor to have dreams,  to set goals.   Nothing good seemed to come to me, and when I took something good, it left.   I lived in a dark and gruesome vacuum. I was angry and alone.  … Read more