It’s Been Such A Long Ride Without You

Some things are just different now, you know?

When I knew you before,  I was sure I could not live without you loving me.

I swear I believed that from the absolute very first moment I saw you!  

I knew at that very moment that I would do anything whatsoever to make a way for you to love me.

I also knew that I loved you so hard and so much, that the most terrible thing in my world would be for you to not love me.

I loved you like I had never imagined loving in my wildest imaginations of love and life. The love and the need to be yours blinded me.

I didn’t, and I do not have a word or a name or a particular quality that identifies why I hold this deep and abiding affection for you.


But we were younger then……..

Here’s what I would like you to know today:

I am still overwhelmed with how much I just like you. I mean I like the way you talk and the things you say, and how you say them. I like you because you like to go to the ocean so much.

I could care less if there was an ocean: except that it makes you feel so good.. 

I like the way you smile, and the way you hold yourself.

I am overcome with the way you look.

But I like the way you are mature and go to work every day, and I like how people like you.

I like that you are strong willed, and soft at the same time. That you are so easy to love and to like.

I love you from a different place than I know about love,

and I like you the most


There are a lot of reasons why I can’t have you, and I’m ok with that for a lot of reasons.  

We tried but we couldn’t.  

It was so long ago on the calendar, yet only today in my heart.

I was so sad for so long, but no more.

I am just as much elated that I know you

as I was to be desperately in love with you.

Life moves on, somehow.

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