The Immutable Law of Cause and Effect That is Running Your Life

Planning and planting for the harvest of your life

There is an indisputable law in effect since the beginning of time that operates with or without your recognizing it’s power over your own life and circumstances.  The law of cause and effect operates non stop whether you use it to your own advantage—or not.

The Law of Cause and Effect

For every effect there is a definite cause. For every cause there is a definite effect. It’s hard to discount the importance of this law of nature when you spend a moment of your time pondering it.

If you want to grow Lima beans in your back yard, you fully understand that Lima beans come from Lima bean seeds. You have no doubt about which seed to plant, or the results of planting the seed.

If you plant a Lima bean seed you fully expect to see a Lima bean plant spring from the ground. In fact, chances are good that you anxiously await the first sight of the results. The effect of the cause of planting.

The cause is the planting of seed—the effect of planting a seed is a Lima bean plant.

So far, there has never been a reported case of planting a Lima bean seed and learning that a tomato plant came up instead.

Every cause has an identifiable effect, and every effect has an identifiable cause.

There is never a failure in the cause and effect law.

What I plant—is what comes to life.

  • That may be the most important point of life to remember.
  • The next strongest point of life is to remember that if you don’t plant on purpose, you have no earthly idea what will come up.

But I can assure you, something will come up, grow, and flourish. Whether that is something you desire, or something you wish you had never seen—something will grow. That’s the nature of the world we live in.

We know that the earth naturally desires and labors to grow something from it, right? Flowers, grass, weeds, trees, even cactus in the dessert.

It’s more difficult to believe you plant the seeds of your own future

We have a hard time believing that we plant seeds that are equally as real and produce equally as real results—with our thoughts, words, and actions.

The results of the seeds we plant for our personal lives are as real as planting vegetable  seeds in the earth. But the effects are much more powerful, can be much more devastating, and last much longer.

We plant our own future—one thought, word, and action at the time. We reap the life we plant the same as we reap from the seeds we plant in a garden.

If I don’t plant anything at all in my vegetable garden, a mis-mash of every sort of vegetation will come up. And usually flourish. Almost all of it will be weeds and briars that I have no use whatsoever for. But invariably there will be flowers and vegetables come up in the mis-mash.

The useful and desirable flowers and vegetables that come up voluntarily won’t last long when I don’t plan for them. The weeds and the briars will be stronger, and easily smother the life from the more desirable things that come to be.

The harvest from a plan is more desirable than that of the harvest from a life with no plan at all.

The results of planning and planting seeds on purpose produces the life you desire.

The results of life without knowing what seeds you are planting leads to a confused mis-mash of life. A life that looks like an unattended garden over run with weeds and briars.

So far I know that

  • By planning what I want to grow I can plan for the harvest.
  • By not planning I will still reap the results of seeds because seeds are always blowing in the wind. But I have no control over what will be harvested.
  • Without careful planning and planting, any good thing that comes up will be over run by what’s undesirable.

Let’s just keep our mind on food for the moment. Can you imagine how we would eat if farmers had no idea what would come up after they planted their crops?

How could they plant? What if they sowed 1000s of acres of assorted seeds, went home, and wondered if they would get to harvest corn, beans, apple trees, pineapples, string beans, or briars and weeds?

I want you to understand the importance of this law to the future of your life.

The immutable law of cause and effect.

The exact same law influences every single thing on the earth—including your mind and the life you live. Including the circumstances of your life.

If you have a gallon of water to drink and you decide to drink the entire gallon immediately, you have a cause in place.

The effect of that will be that there will be no water later. Right?

But the law governs everything. If you don’t put gasoline in your car, you can’t drive it to work.  If you don’t plan to put gasoline in your car you will find yourself on the side of the road wondering how this happened to somebody like yourself.

These are all physical affects of the law of cause and effect. But this law doesn’t stop there at all.

This law is equally, or maybe even more profound when you consider how it affects every part of your life. When you consider that your life doesn’t have to be a haphazard group of events that you have no control over.

The law of cause and effect is what drives your life to the end of the journey exactly the same as when you turn the steering wheel to drive your car.  Or when you plant Lima beans and expect Lima beans.

Your life is harvested from the seeds you plant whether you plan for a good harvest or merely throw in an assortment of seeds.

You have a right to expect the harvest of your life to match the seeds you plant, desirable or briars.

Because we can all see the effects of planting seeds and expecting to harvest exactly what we plant, the law is easy to believe. In fact we completely and unreservedly rely on the law to produce what we plant.

At first, it seems easier to rely on the physical laws because the effects are quick to see, often within only a few weeks.

One of the reasons we aren’t so quick to accept that the same law operates in all parts of our life is that we are accustomed to instant gratification.

Because we don’t see a plan, thought, word, or action take place right away—we’re quick to dismiss the idea that we have such a powerful directive over our own life and future. That we are planting the garden of our life with the seed we sow.

Here’s the news! The scary part!

And it’s as true as the law of cause and effect.

You are the very first person that heard what you just thought, wished, said, or did. Those are the exact same seeds planted in the future of your life as the Lima been seeds you might purchase at the seed store.

They both provide guaranteed results. One in the garden, the other in the invisible plane of your future that is slowly growing and maturing and overtaking your existence.

People who plant vegetable seeds understand that it takes a certain amount of nurturing to reap a bountiful harvest. They often spend time weeding, watering, and fertilizing for the best results.

These people understand that if they don’t plan, plant, and nurture on purpose the undesirable seeds will soon take complete control of the garden.  They don’t leave their garden to chance.

They are gardening on purpose!

Your mind doesn’t separate and divide thoughts like you do consciously. It believes whatever you tell it, unreservedly! It also doesn’t separate and divide thoughts between people.

That’s the key to this entire post! Your mind, the one that you’re planting the garden of your life in, doesn’t make a distinction about what you say, think, wish, and act toward another person—from yourself.

Your mind has no method to know you weren’t thinking something bad about yourself. When you think a thought, say a word, or do a thing towards another, your mind accepts that this is towards your own life and person. If that weren’t true there could be no such thing as guilt.

You can think about that for yourself.  Think about how hard you could wish and think about another person behaving a certain way, with absolutely no results. No matter how hard you wish someone else to do a thing, you can’t transfer your own wishes, or thoughts to their mind.

When you think, speak, wish, and act—your mind just accepts that you are asking to receive that.

The only choice you have in improving your own life and circumstances is to plan, plant, and nurture only loving and giving thoughts.

Because you  mind can’t separate the seeds you plant  for yourself from the seeds planted for another, every seed must be sown in expectation of good.

As you take control of your garden you must simultaneously take control of the seeds you are planting for every other human being.

Your garden will never flourish with abundance until you have a need for all gardens to flourish.

Every thought, word, and action is a seed you are planting in a much larger garden than you might suspect. You have a responsibility to plant nothing but good seed into the future. The only good seed contains lovingness, forgivingness, willingness, and the opportunity for abundance for all.

You have the right to plant good on earth, and to expect a full harvest of good, peace, contentment, and abundance. You have the right to expect a harvest.

A harvest that always depends on your own planting.

You can’t miss the above statement, it’s too powerful.

No matter how carefully you plan and plant your own garden, if you are planting seeds of destruction with the good seeds, the bad seeds will not allow the good seeds to flourish.

Chances are great that if you have been struggling and struggling with how to make your own life better with no real and lasting results, you have been missing the lovingness.

Not only is it a must that you love what you are doing in your own garden, but you must have an equal love for everyone else’s garden.

Remember, you can’t plant anyone else’s garden for them, but you can nurture both theirs and your own garden with your thoughts that turn into words and actions.

What you can expect from a planned harvest of your own life.

I want to move to how to use this cause and effect law to promote your life to greater heights.

So with this in mind, what would happen if you began to see every single thought, word, and action as a seed planted that has no choice other than to reproduce after it’s own kind? To reproduce in your own life and circumstances what you plant on purpose.

What would happen if you carry this law into the very center of everything you know of life? What could you expect to harvest if you took responsibility for every thought, word and action. Responsibility as if you were deciding what to plant where in your own vegetable garden.

You could expect and plan on these results from taking control of and planting good seed in your mind, along with steady nurturing of them:

Planting seed on purpose

  • Your life would become more positive with more desirable outcomes.
  • Your life would be profoundly more pleasant.
  • Confusion about what to do, or whether it is the right thing to do would leave.
  • You would live in peace and contentment with no anxiety over what was about to grow up into my life.

The keys to reaping the positive effects of this law

  • You must know what you want.  This means that you must spend quality time doing nothing but thinking about how you want your life to look in the future.
  • You must spend time thinking of exactly what you desire from life.  When you plant a vegetable garden you always think about how much of each vegetable you intend to can, freeze, and put up. You plan on the harvest in quantity as well as quality.
  • You can’t trust that anything good will come up in your garden if you don’t first plant it there.  You can not leave anything to happen haphazard. If you break up a garden and don’t plan and plant only what you desire to reap, you have no clue what will turn up and take over your garden.
  • Expectation is part of any planting. You must expect and plan for the results of careful planting and nurturing of your garden. You’ve planted the good seeds of love, forgiveness, and abundance for all: your right is to expect and look for your own harvest. You would never plant a vegetable garden and say to yourself that you would not expect a harvest: you would look for the results.

In the garden of life you must learn to censor and control your thinking. Let not even the smallest thought that you wouldn’t want to grow up in your own life linger. Plant only seeds of happiness, joy, and goodwill to all—including your self.

This is only the bare basics of how the Immutable Law of Cause and Effect works.  It operates full time without or without our knowledge or admission of it’s power over our lives.

You can’t actually deny it’s presence when you’ve delved into it for yourself. And even the smallest leaning towards a knowledge of this law breaks down a wall and allows some light to penetrate into your own life. The more you think of the law and how it has affected your own life, the more you become willing to accept it’s validity and use it as a viable tool over your own circumstances.

No matter what last years garden yielded into your life, you have the ability at hand to plant the garden of your own life that you desire. Watch the garden of your life closely, because you have a right to expect the results of your attention to it.

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  1. I’ve heard about the benefits of positive thinking before, but I really love your analogy with the seeds. Especially the part about how every thought sets you down a path either good or bad. Thank you for writing this, I needed someone to set me on the right path today.

    • Thanks Nicol

      You are my favorite reader! I intend to write quite a bit more about this because I’m all into restructuring my own entire being with the seeds I plant.

      It is positive thinking, but I think it’s miles deeper into what forms our personal circumstances, and winds up being a part of what forms the world we live in?

      Thanks for stopping by Nicol

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