When Was I Baptized?

I’ve sat in many churches.  Maybe because I was a wander lust, maybe because I couldn’t find a comfortable place.  Probably because I didn’t know what I was doing there?  I couldn’t get it? I’ve heard it come from the pulpit many times.  Something along the lines of  “you must know the date you were … Read more

Was It Lust?

I was several years older than Alena, but I didn’t know it.  I only knew she was mine. I didn’t quibble with her age, where she may be, or if she already had a life.  I only understood she somehow was a part of me.  Already. I loved everything about her.  Every part of her, … Read more

Only Once In A Lifetime

People were milling around,  drinking coffee and chatting.   When I saw her I was stunned at the perfection, the beauty. Not glamour.  Not cosmetic beauty.  Not ornamental beauty. Solid.  Girl next door beauty.  Beauty without help. A group of people surrounded her, mostly men. I had been “shy” all of my life. Had to … Read more